Happy Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving Day, a traditional Western holiday, is an original holiday created by the American people, and it is also a holiday for American families to get together. Every Thanksgiving Day, the United States is very lively all over the country. Disguised parades, theater performances, and sports competitions are held everywhere in cities and towns, and schools and shops also have holidays in accordance with regulations. The children also imitated the appearance of the Indians in those years, put on weird costumes, painted facial makeup or put on masks to sing and play trumpets in the street. There were also very many people in the church that day. According to the custom, people would pray for thanksgiving here. On Thanksgiving Day, every family member always strives to return from the north to the south. The whole family sits together, chewing delicious turkey, and chatting about the past. This makes people feel extraordinarily cordial and warm.

Being a man with a grateful heart, working with a loyal heart, dedication and love of work are important manifestations of employee loyalty. Inspired by the ancient motto of "the grace of dripping water, when the spring is retribution", the motto of "the man who digs the well" and the story of "the lamb kneels and the crow feeds back", we must know how to be grateful. We are grateful to the company for giving us a good working, living and learning environment, providing us with generous treatment and material life guarantee, and building a platform for us to show our self-worth, so that we can devote ourselves to our work. Among them, I felt the fulfillment of work and the joy of life.


Gratitude is a virtue, it is also an attitude to life, it is the great wisdom in life. Only with a heart of gratitude can we be happy, make our business and life better, and make us more determined. The power continues to move forward. The development of the company is the future of the employees, and the employees are the future of the company.In the development of SHHAG, we must be most grateful to customers and partners. It is your careful service that has won us the praise and trust of consumers. It is you who have used business wisdom to help us open up the market for us. Providing orders is your timely feedback of market information, which has enabled "SHHAG" products to successfully win the market in the process of upgrading and upgrading. Thank you for your recognition of our company, the recognition of "SHHAG" brand, and the quality and service of our products. The recognition is that your loyalty, enthusiasm and trust to "SHHAG" give us the confidence and courage to move forward.


Post time: Feb-08-2022